Seafood Recipes

Monterey's Cookin' with
Chef John Pisto and California Seafood

National TV Cooking show, Monterey's Cooking Pisto Style, features California seafood and local fishermen.

In partnership with CSC public member Chef John Pisto, the CSC sponsored six segments of John's nationally televised cooking show, Monterey's Cookin' Pisto Style. Accompanied by commercial fishermen, John showcased a different variety of California seafood in each show. And in each show viewers embarked on a virtual journey from dockside to the kitchen of this internationally-recognized chef.

Grilled California Sardines with Italian Dipping Sauce
California Sardines Sauteed in Olive Oil
California Sardines with Pasta
Whole California Sand Dab with Lemon Butter
California Sand Dab Fillets with Fresh Vegetables
California Sand Dabs Napoleon
California Petrale Sole Dore'
Poached California Halibut
California Pink Shrimp Salad
Grilled California Swordfish, Sicilian Style
California Thresher Shark, Jamaican Style

Produced by TCI in Monterey, Monterey's Cookin' Pisto Style reaches more than 7 million households nationwide via the Nostalgia "Good TV" cable TV network. In addition, TCI delivers the program to 75,000 households in the Monterey Bay area and to 52,000 households in Santa Cruz. Media One TV delivers the program to viewers in 108,000 households in the Fresno area.

The camraderie between Monterey's Cookin' host Chef John Pisto and commercial fishermen who appeared as guests on each show provides viewers with a positive image of fishermen as stewards of the ocean. The information these fishermen imparted about fish, fishing and the workaday lives of fishermen also helps to dispel misperceptions about the industry.

John and guest fishermen reviewed fish lore and proper handling techniques, and John demonstrated mouth-watering recipes for each species. Encouraged by John, fishermen debunked misconceptions about California's fishing industry. Voicing their desire to conserve our California's fishery resources for the future, they emphasized that consumers can feel good about asking for California seafood because our local fleets are among the most responsible and strictly regulated in the world.

In addition to live appearances by fishermen, the CSC provided broadcast footage of harvesting and processing for featured species, highlights of which were included in the final editing of each show. Chef Pisto's enthusiastic endorsement and support of both California seafood and our local fishermen are a tremendous asset in our educational efforts. We're very pleased and grateful that Chef Pisto was appointed as CSC regular Public Member and is taking an active role in the CSC mission.

The CSC plans to expand our California seafood features on TV with more Monterey's Cookin' segments.

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