Seafood Recipes

California Seafood: Dine Well & Stay Fit!

Christmas to Valentines' Day, Dine Well & Stay Fit with California Seafood

Suffering the holiday blah's? The winter weather is wicked, only three days remain until Christmas and you haven't started shopping, Aunt Harriet and Uncle Ned are arrriving at any moment for a holiday visit and Junior just came home from school with chicken pox. Sometimes nothing soothes the nerves and warms the heart like an old­fashioned Mediterranean fishermen's stew. Imagine it simmering on the stove, the fragrant aromas of toasted anise, saffron and garlic warming the air, the bubbling pot filled to the brim with savory California seafoods of the season. With nearly 300 species of fish and shellfish harvested each year in California, the possibilities are limitless. That's California­style bouillabaisse: good for the Christmas blahs - just plain good ­ and healthy ­ any time.

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