Seafood Recipes

California Seafood can help you keep
your New Year's resolutions!

Spring brings with it an esoteric, undefinable quality that can be felt but that is hard to describe: an airy lightness, a happy­go­lucky attitude sometimes diagnosed as spring fever. The sweet fragrance of blossoms, the twitter of robins on a newly green lawn ... you're suddenly aware of the beauty around you and glad to be alive ­ although you wish you hadn't indulged quite so heavily over the holidays. (If you treated your heart and indulged in California seafood, you're way ahead of the game.)

Spring is a time of renewal, of lightening up in both mind and body. Spring is also a time when California seafood becomes plentiful again after winter's storms. According to the California Seafood Council, our local commercial fishermen deliver nearly 300 varieties of fish and shellfish to market each year. While no single species dominates the catch as sardines and tuna once did, never before have Californians had such a variety of high­quality local seafood from which to choose. These lighthearted springtime California seafood offerings can help you achieve your goal to lighten up.

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