Seafood Recipes

California Seafood Outside

Beach-Blanket BBQ to Backyard Picnic - Creative Ways to Enjoy Seafood Outdoors

Looking for a way to escape the kitchen during the hot days of summer? Have a picnic! At the beach, in the mountains, or in your own backyard, a picnic can provide all the flair, flavor and nutrition of a home-cooked meal, but without the muss and fuss. What's more, picnics are fun. So kick back, cool off, and enjoy the great outdoors this summer. And when planning that picnic menu, don't forget the California seafood. Nature's original fast food takes only minutes to prepare, is low in fat and calories and high in protein, vitamins and minerals - a healthy choice.

Here's a pair of California seafood summertime specialties to brighten your picnic table: the first is a fishy twist on the grand old grilled burger; and the second, a cool and delicious seafood salad.

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