Creating a Seascape

Age 11, group or independent

Five 45-minute periods, indoors or outdoors


Create a California seafood undersea environment.


  • California's Golden Seas booklet (see appendix)
  • California's Golden Seas poster
  • paints
  • paint brushes
  • color markers
  • scissors
  • glue
  • lightweight cardboard or poster board.
For background or surfaces: butcher paper, poster paper, plywood stand, side of a building, large glass window, shoe boxes.


  • fishing line
  • kelp and other seaweed
  • shells
  • rocks
  • coral
  • sponges
  • diving equipment
  • treasure chest pattern (see Golden Treasures activity).

Get Set

  • The seascape can be as large or small as the environment allows, from a miniature seascape in a shoe box to a large seascape display on a cafeteria wall, hallway or side of a building.
  • If a large seascape is planned, have each person responsible for a specific species.
  • Use the California's Golden Seas booklet and poster as guides for information about species and their habitats.

Go catch

  • Create the seascape background and surface first.
  • Cut seafood out of lightweight cardboard and decorate the seascape.
  • Hang the species from the ceiling or top of the shoe box with fishing line, if desired.


  • Invite community and family members to view the seascape.
  • Display the seascapes at an open house, science fair or in a school or community library.

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