Track Me on Land or Sea

Age 10, small groups

90 minutes, indoors or outdoors


Summarize the seafood industry's impact on California's economy, coastal communities, food supply and livelihoods by investigating the state's past and present seafood industry.


  • Stickers
  • California map
  • track-me sheet
  • top landing sheet
  • California Seafood Index
  • California's Golden Seas poster
  • California's Golden Seas booklet (see appendix) Facts in Brief
  • clear self-adhesive contact paper (optional)

Get Set

  • Duplicate and distribute materials.
  • Cut out species stickers and place them in a shoe box.
  • Place the map where it is easily accessible.
  • Protect the map with the clear self-adhesive contact paper.
  • Form small groups.

Go catch

  • Have groups take turns drawing a sticker out of the box.
  • Brainstorm and answer the questions on the track-me sheet that correspond to the species drawn. (Use California's Golden Seas booklet and poster, top landing sheet, and California Seafood Index.)
  • Place the sticker on the area of the map where the species is caught.
  • Discuss jobs directly and indirectly provided by the fishing industry (fisher folk, processing crews, boat builders, gear manufacturers, restaurants, fish markets etc.)


  • Play Track Me at home with family and friends.
  • Learn if there are, or ever were, fishermen or fisherwomen in the family. If so, Who? When? What did they fish for? How did they do it? Any special stories?

Track-Me Sheet

Name ____________________________


Do other states or countries harvest this species? Yes _____ No _____

If yes, what states or countries?

What California coastal ports land this species?

When is this species in season?

How is this species sold? Fresh _____ Frozen _____ Canned _____

For every dollar earned by commercial fisher folk, the value is multiplied more than four times through fish processing, handling, selling and industries that provide equipment. If fisher folk no longer had this species to catch, how would it affect the community and the state? (In addition to direct impacts to fisher folk and fish processing plants, think about jobs in restaurants, boat and gear manufacturers, transportation, and supporting industries such as paper companies that supply materials for packing.)

What jobs and health benefits are provided by seafood?

California Seafood Council, PO Box 91540,		Santa Barbara, CA 93190 +1-805-569-8050