Seaward Bound Passport

Age 10, group or independent

90 minutes, indoors or outdoors


Evaluate personal eating habits by recording and discussing daily food consumption.


Gyotaku directions and materials, Seaward Bound Passport, crayons, pencils, scissors, stapler

Get Set

  • Duplicate and distribute a seaward bound passport for each individual.

Go catch

  • Assemble passports.
  • Use the passport to review the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Guide Pyramid and the food groups.
  • Explain that the food guide pyramid is a passport to good health and growth. It should guide what we eat every day.
  • Emphasize that honesty is the best policy for keeping passports in good shape.
  • Have individuals take their passports home to record what they eat in the My Day's Pyramid.
  • Have individuals complete For I'm Staying Healthy (F.I.S.H.) menus with foods that they like.
  • Ask individuals to compare how their eating record and menu selections
  • compare with the food guide pyramid's recommended servings.
  • Review completed passports and how easy it is to follow the pyramid guide. Suggest healthy changes. Note that diets may be different and still be healthy.
  • Ask what would happen to the amount of saturated fat or calorie content if fish was the main source of protein.
  • Follow Gyotaku directions to make fish stamps for passports.


  • Plan a menu that features fish for a Smooth Sailing Bon Voyage Party.
  • Ask participants to determine if the menu meets at least 1/3 of the food guide pyramid's daily serving requirements.
  • Ask class to evaluate a dinner at home and discuss healthy changes.

California Seafood Council, PO Box 91540,		Santa Barbara, CA 93190 +1-805-569-8050