Hooked On Quality

Age 10, group or independent

90 minutes, indoors or outdoors


Evaluate quality in seafood and develop a song, rap or poem using key quality words.


  • The Seafood Review (see appendix)
  • paper
  • pencils

    Get Set

    • Duplicate The Seafood Review and distribute with paper and pencils.

    Go catch

    • Announce that each individual should have an eye on quality for health, safety and good flavor when it comes to seafood.
    • Read The Seafood Review individually or as a group.
    • Ask individuals to identify five key words for seafood quality and write them at the top of their papers. (For example, Refrigeration, Temperature, Storage, Container, Preparation.)
    • Discuss the importance of each of the key words as an issue in seafood quality.
    • Ask individuals to write a song, rap or poem to emphasize key points for seafood quality.
    • Ask each individual to read or perform the song, rap or poem for the group.


    • Ask individuals to share the song, rap or poem with the person at their home who prepares and buys the food.
    • Ask individuals to print the song or poem and place it on their refrigerators at home.
    • Have some of the songs, raps or poems announced over the public announcement system at school.

    California Seafood Council, PO Box 91540,		Santa Barbara, CA 93190 +1-805-569-8050