Chart the Harvest

Age 10, group or independent

45 minutes, indoors or outdoors


Summarize gear used for harvesting different seafood species and the locations along the California coast where the different species are found and harvested.


  • California's Golden Seas Gear Harvest Chart
  • California plotting map
  • stickers
  • pencils

Get Set

  • Duplicate and distribute materials.
  • Cut out stickers, one set for each individual or group.

Go catch

  • Review California's Golden Seas Gear Harvest Chart.
  • Explain that seafood is the harvest of the sea, just as other foods are the harvest of the land. Ask what harvest gear is used on land (tractors, mechanical harvesters, ladders, sacks, etc.
  • Locate on the map an area where a species might be harvested and the gear that fisher folks would use to harvest it.
  • Plot the location by placing the gear sticker and the species sticker on the proper map location.
  • Check to see if the placement is correct by reviewing the chart.
  • Discuss as a group the gear type used for each species and the advantages of that particular gear type.


  • Visit a harbor when seafood is being delivered and processed.
  • Note the different species, the location of the harbor, and the time of year.
  • Ask a fisherman or fisherwoman how far out they traveled and how deep they fished.
  • Discuss why the catch included certain species OR visit a retail seafood market or restaurant.
  • Observe how seafood is prepared for eating.
  • Ask about different forms of processing, such as whole, fillets, steaks, etc.

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