Building Blocks

Age 10, group or independent

45 minutes, indoors or outdoors


Evaluate nutrients in seafood that are necessary for good health and growth.


  • Building block (an oversized di made of cardboard with sides marked "protein", "carbohydrate", "mineral", "vitamin", "fat" and "water").
  • question and answer sheets
  • game directions (see below)
  • scissors
  • tape

    Get Set

    • Duplicate the building block and question & answer sheets.
    • Assemble the building block.

    Go catch

    • Divide group into two teams.
    • Select a reader for each team to read questions and determine correct
    • answers.
    • Select a scorekeeper on each team.
    • Read directions to the group.
    • Play the building block game.
    • Declare a winning team.
    • Review the correct answers.


    • Play the game with another group of team members next week.
    • Compare the results and scores.

    Building Blocks Game Directions

    • Each side of the block names a major nutrient that we need to grow and be healthy.
    • Team members take turns rolling the building block.
    • The leader uses the Question & Answer Sheet to ask the individual who rolled the block a question related to the word that comes up on the block.
    • If the question is answered correctly, that person's team receives one point and another team member rolls the block.
    • If the question is answered incorrectly, the other team rolls the block and has an opportunity to answer a question.
    • The game continues until all the questions have been answered correctly.
    • If all questions for a particular word have been asked and correctly answered, roll the block again to get a different word.

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