Journey Game

Age 9, Small Groups

45 minutes, indoors or outdoors


  • Summarize California seafood industry issues using a board game.


  • California's Golden Seas poster
  • journey masters
  • California's Golden Seas gear vessel coins
  • California's Golden Seas dollars
  • navigation sheets
  • one di
  • overhead transparencies
  • clear self-adhesive contact paper (optional).

Get set

  • Form small groups (5 to 7 players for each game board).
  • Duplicate masters according to the number of game sets needed.
    Note: Duplicate journey masters on overhead transparencies.
    Duplicate two sheets of money for each player ($230).
    Cut out coins and dollars.
    Duplicate game directions and navigation sheet for each team.
  • Assemble journey transparencies.
  • Cover poster with clear self-adhesive contact paper (optional).
  • Place assembled journey transparencies over the poster and tape to poster, if desired.

Go catch

  • Designate an individual to be the captain of the boat. The captain reads the navigation statements, distributes the dollars and maintains the bank.
  • Give each individual or mate one coin and $230 in golden seas dollars.
  • Each player rolls the die. The highest roll begins the game.
  • Read the game directions. The game should proceed in a clockwise direction.
  • When the first mate completes the California's Golden Seas Journey by landing on the finish marker (#56 California's Golden Seas Port), the game stops.
  • To determine the winner, each mate counts his/her California Golden Seas dollars and adds the number that his/her vessel is on to the dollar amount.
    For example, if a mate has $50 and is on number 21, that mate's score is 71.
  • The mate with the highest score wins.


  • Play the Journey Game at home with family and friends.

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