Gone Fishing

Age 9, Group

45 minutes, indoors or outdoors


  • Summarize the health benefits of eating seafood.


  • catch cards
  • navigation cards
  • magnetized tape or small magnets
  • fishing line or string
  • unsharpened pencils or twigs
  • metal paper clips
  • fish tank or shoe box.

Get set

  • Duplicate and cut out catch cards and navigation cards.
  • Cut 12" of fishing line or string for each person.
  • Distribute magnets or small pieces of magnetized tape, pencils or twigs, line, paper clips and catch cards. (Note: Individuals can take turns sharing fishing gear if there aren't enough materials for everyone.)
  • Tie the clip to one end of the line and the pencil to the other end.
  • Glue the magnet or place the magnetized tape onto the back of the catch card.
  • Place the catch cards in the fish tank or shoe box, magnet side up.

Go catch

  • Take turns "fishing" for the catch cards.
  • Read the word on the catch card pulled from the tank or shoe box.
  • Find and read the matching navigation card.
  • Continue playing until all of the cards are gone.
  • Review the importance of nutrients in our diet.


  • Take navigation cards and catch cards home to put on the refrigerator.
  • Play Gone Fishing with family and friends.

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