Fact Finders

Age 9, Group or Independent

Three 45-minute periods, indoors or outdoors


  • Identify 15 seafood species native to the waters that border California by preparing and reading stories based on information in the California's Golden Seas booklet.


  • California's Golden Seas poster
  • California's Golden Seas booklet (see appendix)
  • paper
  • scissors
  • stapler (or paper hole punch and yarn or ribbon)
  • color markers or crayons.

Get set

  • Duplicate California's Golden Seas booklet.

Go catch

  • Read California's Golden Seas booklet, either independently or aloud as a group.
  • Review poster.
  • Discuss the information in the booklet.
    • Who has tried or seen some of the species of California seafood?
    • List seafood species that haven't been tried.
    • What species are in season now?
  • Have each individual pick a seafood species and create a seafood storybook that addresses the following questions:
    • Who am I? (name of the species)
    • Where do I live? (habitat)
    • What do I eat? (what other species)
    • Why am I good to eat? (nutritional benefits/flavor)
    • How do fisher folk catch me? (fishing gear used)
    • When do fisher folk catch me? (season)
  • Read the stories aloud or share with a younger group of children.
  • Illustrate the storybooks.


  • Have a seafood tasting party.
  • Go to a supermarket to see what California seafood species are available.

California Seafood Council, PO Box 91540,		Santa Barbara, CA 93190 +1-805-569-8050