Balance and Care

Age 9, Group or Individual

45 minutes, indoors or outdoors


  • Evaluate why fisher folk care about the ocean environment.


  • Industry Challenges (see appendix)
  • paper and markers
  • pencils.

Get set

  • Review Industry Challenges.
  • Write the words LIFE, FOOD, LIVELIHOOD on three different sheets of paper.

Go catch

  • Have the group sit in a circle.
  • Explain that balance and care of the sea environment are very important for life, food and livelihood:
  • The sea contains life and many ecosystems.
  • The sea contains nutritious food for a variety of creatures, including birds, fish and shellfish.
  • The sea supports communities and families with jobs.
  • Hold up each of the words and ask the group to think about the reasons that the balance and care of our California Golden Seas are important.
  • Discuss the importance of balance and care for all creatures.
  • Write down key discussion words related to LIFE, FOOD, and LIVELIHOOD.
  • Develop a group poem, sea song, or rap lyric using some of the key words.
  • View "Protecting the Ocean" video.


  • Share the poem, sea song, or rap lyric with family, friends or community groups and organizations.

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