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California Seafood Council

Our Mission

To champion the seafood resources of California waters for the social and economic benefits of the people of California, including consumers, fishermen, and allied industries.
The California Seafood Council is sponsoring this website to inform consumers of tomorrow as well as today about seafood's healthful properties and the care our fisher folk take in providing the nearly 300 species of fish and shellfish harvested in California.

Who We Are

In 1991, members of California's fishing industry voted by referenda to establish the California Seafood Council, joining nearly 50 commodity commissions, councils and boards in the Golden State. More than 3,000 commercial fishermen and 200 primary receivers who harvest and receive California seafood have supported Council activities. Administered by the state Department of Food and Agriculture, the CSC served as an advisory body to California's Secretary of Food and Agriculture from 1991 to 2001.

In 2001, CSC members voted to end the mandatory assessments that fund Council programs. (See the related announcement The Council Closes Its Doors.) However, recognizing the importance of maintaining an accurate information resource to inform the public about California seafood and the local fishing industry, the CSC Board of Directors has authorized this website to be continued as a public service.

California's Fishing Industry

The economic value of California's fishing industry to the state is estimated at more than $800 million annually. The industry ranks among the top 5 seafood-producing states in the U.S. (472 million pounds in 1999).

Californians consume more seafood per capita than the national average, making California one of the most important seafood markets in the U.S.

How To Reach Us

The California Seafood Council closed its doors on March 31, 2001. This website archive is hosted at caseafood.californiawetfish.org as a public service by the California Wetfish producers Association.