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Welcome to the California Seafood Council web page! Seafood is important to California and its residents. Studies indicate that Californians consume far more seafood per capita than the national average, making the Golden State one of the most important seafood markets in the United States. Our state fishing industry ranks among the top five seafood producing states in the nation (472 million pounds in 1999). The economic value of this industry to the Golden State is estimated at more than $800 million annually.

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California Seafood Council (CSC)
The organization sponsoring this website. Also includes Directory of California Seafood Producers and California Seafood in World Trade.
What's New
Check here for articles on topics of interest, the CSC newsletter archive, etc.
California's Golden Seas
The California Seafood Council produced an activity kit, including videos, suitable for use in a school setting. You can browse the information, or download files for printing class handouts.
California Seafood Facts in Brief
Learn about the important seafood species, the family lifestyle of our fisher folk and the techniques they use to harvest seafood in California, as well as seafood for health and seafood safety.
Seafood Recipes and More
Recipes from our "Taste The Tradition" cookbook, along with seasonal specialties, quality guidelines, and seafood handling tips.
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